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A Coffee Altar, Oh & a Kitchen

A Coffee Altar Oh and a Kitchen_BEST
A Coffee Altar  Oh and a Kitchen_6
A Coffee Altar Oh and a Kitchen_10
A Coffee Altar Oh and a Kitchen_11
A Coffee Altar Oh and a Kitchen_15
A Coffee Altar Oh and a Kitchen_14
A Coffee Altar Oh and a Kitchen_17

Let There Be WINE

Let There Be WINE_18
Let There Be WINE_BEST
Let There Be WINE_2
Let There Be WINE_2b
Let There Be WINE_5
Let There Be WINE_5b
BEFORE-Let There Be WINE Before Photo
BEFORE_Nestled Quartzite
Nestled Quartzite

Contractor's Dream

Contractor's Dream a
Contractor's Dream b
Contractor's Dream c
Contractor's Dream d
Contractor's Dream e
Contractor's Dream f

Love of Aristotle

Love of Aristotle_BEST
Love of Aristotle_03
BEFORE_Love of Aristotle_Before Photo
Love of Aristotle_12
Love of Aristotle_04


Complementary_Before Photo

Geometrica Cube

Geometrica Cube_BEST
Geometrica Cube_09
BEFORE Geometrica Cube
Geometrica Cube_11


Arabesque Morning Light
BEFORE_ Arabesque

Linked Rings

Linked Rings_01
Linked Rings_BEST
Linked Rings_09
BEFORE_Linked Rings
Linked Rings_06

Waterfront Life

Waterfront Luxury (1)
Waterfront Luxury (3)
Waterfront Luxury (2)
Waterfront Luxury (4)

Unifying Space


Unifying Space
Unifying Space b
Hall Bath b
Master Bath
Unifying Space c

Gardener's Delight

Espeseth Kitchen a
Espeseth Kitchen b
Espeseth Bath a
Espeseth Kitchen c

The Real McCoy

Real McCoy_BEST
Real McCoy_05
Real McCoy_Before Photo
Real McCoy_02

Craftsman Near Completion

Remodel In Progress f
Remodel In Progress j
Remodel In Progress a
Remodel In Progress b
Remodel In Progress g
Remodel In Progress e
Remodel In Progress c
Remodel In Progress d
Remodel In Progress i
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